25 Apr 2012

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Hi violet_eyes :D

1.What's on your door?
a bunch of old jackets and micro-fleece sweaters that would take up too much place elsewhere.

2.What's under your bed?
LOTS of dust and their offspring, probably 2-5 spiders with hopefully no offspring and some socks. Yes the underside of my bed is hard to reach.

3.What's interesting in your bedside table?
My dad built it, it's a large square table and fillable with both sides. On it is a an African bowl with green-blue mosaic on the inside where I keep meds and valuables. The table is mostly full of notes and books. There currently 8~ books that I started reading but haven't ended yet. Among them "The Sign of the Qin" (Chinese-themed YA novel), Raphael (horribly bad homo-erotic literature I only still read sometimes to see how it ends), Ovids Metamorphoses, an old lexicon of World Religions (as in: all religions they knew about, even small cults. I love it, although it is outdated) and the beginning of the Tristar-Triology (homo-erotic literature) which I will soon end if I ever manage to find the plot again among those chapter-long porn scenes.

4.Do you have something(s) under your pillow?
More pillows. Lots of them.

5.Do you have something(s) interesting on your walls?
I rarely see my walls. One is covered by the <strike>armory</strike> armoire, the others by my shelves and a writing desk full of cosmetics.

6.Do you have a tv/computer in your room?
Yes I got a TV that I rarely use nowadays. I am too tired to watch in the evening and in the mornings I used to watch MTV, but since it's pay-tv now I can only opt for breakfast tv or some stupid fake-judge.

7.Do you have shelves? What's on them?
Shelves cover basically all walls of my room. The books- and - media shelf contains a small tv for gaming (N64, I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED ZELDA OoT!!!!) and P2, the dvds and games as well as books. Among my favorites old volumes of Tarzan and the Junglebooks. It used to store my Anne Rice collection but I got rid of most of the horrible ones.  
The bedside wall is covered with my comic- and - manga shelf which is pretty full >-> I have a full X-Men collection since 1998 and somehow the manga series I like are loooong (Yami no Matsuei, Angel Sanctuary, Rebirth (ok, manhwa), Silver Diamond <3) and the back wall on one side with cosmetics and a magnetic wall with all my posters. 

It also stores my most favorite collection item: A Gambit drawing by Gabrielle Dell'otto! <3
I met him on the Comic Action somewhen in the beginnings of the 2000's. You used to draw for a ticket if you wanted to get a drawing, signing were free. 
I didn't have a ticket but I asked nicely and he was SO RELIEVED almost happy to draw Gambit because most people had asked him for Spider-Mans, Beasts and Wolverines all over and over and over.... as an artist I can understand how boring that becomes after a while.
I loooooooove it! <3 He is a grand master of shading and shapes and I can only hope to one time become as great an artist as he is.


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