9 Jun 2012

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1. What's the first movie you snuck into before you were legally old enough to see it?

"Queen of the Damned", when I was a few months short of 16. Can't say it was worth it. I was SO disappointed.

2. What's the last movie you saw in a theatre?

"Snow White & The Huntsman", what a glorious movie! With glorious men! And fleshed out characters! Only the ending is a bit of a let down. I won't talk about it yet, but to me it was so... meh. Somehow not finished. I sat through the whole credits to see if there was an AC-scene and a second movie, but... 

3. What's your favourite movie?

"The Lion King", nothing will ever change that, sorry. It was a fantastic movie, it had everything I wanted, and Simba was my first crush, lol. I have a lot of movies I do like, but nothing will ever challenge the utter perfection of The Lion King. Although The Avengers and Unbreakable came near.

4. What's your favourite scary movie?

For a few weeks now, Paprika. Or does Labyrinth count as a scary movie? Because that one I loved for ages. And no one can tell me those birds wanting to rip her head off aren't scary.

5. Think of your favourite actor or actress - what's their best movie role?

ooooh that's a hard one. No, I can't decide, sorry, not possible. So have my top three with no priority:
Shahrukh Khan - Om Shanti Om - in complete perfection
Christian Bale - Equilibrium - for atmosphere and fitness
Tom Cruise - Interview with a Vampire - because he WAS the PERFECT Lestat, with much thanks to the make-up artist.

6. What movie do you think is the most over-rated?

Star Wars. Period. I mean wth. I just don't get the appeal of those movies. 

7. What movie do you think deserves a sequel and doesn't have one?

Unbreakable. Afaik it should have been a Triology, if they had given it to Shyamalan we would maybe have been spared from his artist breakdown.

8. What movie do you think has a sequel and doesn't deserve one?

Sex in the City, it didn't deserve a movie in the first place. 

9. Name a book that you think should be made into a movie and hasn't been.

The Changelling Prince by Vivian vande Velde. I am probably the only person on this planet who wants this movie, or who even knows the book. It is a tiny 250p book by an author who usually writes kids literature but... but... it was so perfect, and sad, and tragic, and mysterious, and interesting and tensing and.... *SOBS SOBS SOBS* Vivian, why didn't you write moooore?
Anyway, it would make a great and entertaining movie and I recommend that book to EVERYONE.
Here, they are selling them for ONE CENT fcs!

READ! You will regret it if you miss reading it!

10. And finally - let's start a chain of our favourite movie dialogue! Leave all the previous answers to this question intact, then add your own answer along with the movie it's from, and also your LJ name.
"Infected with what?" "Rage." - 28 Days Later. [personal profile] violet_eyes

"I have an Army" - "We have a Hulk." - Marvel The Avengers [livejournal.com profile] saciel


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