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You know it is bad when your best friend can't even remember that you already graduated although you did just one semester later than she.

You know it is bad when your best friend starts telephoning in the middle of your meeting for hours straight, repeatedly.

You know it is bad when she, who never left her hometown, promises to meet you when you offer her a bed place and she travels through your town anyway, and then she doesn't feel like it.

You know it is bed when she says she will be there for your ritual rpg round, but may be late and call if she will. And then she forgets you and leaves you sitting around there, alone, for hours.

But you know what is worse?
That you have no one to talk to about it, no one who feels with you the pain of losing, no one to cry your heart out to and who is just there and spends you some mild comfort.
Because in such a case, she would have been the person you would have talked to...

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