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For anyone interested, I've started a new fic for the Alice in Wonderland 2010 fandom.

You can find it here:

Rating: T(+?)
Tags: Adventure, Romance (hinted at for now, more later)
Summary: When Alice returns from China, her sister seems to plan something and she is in for a surprising visit resulting in the questioning of reason and reality. When people change in body instead in mind, she realizes a new enemy lurks in the shadows
Warnings: Nothing special until now, however later chapters may contain violence - there will be fights, duh. Also, magic. So, nothing new for AiW-fans.

I'm very happy about every kind of response - just tell me what you think about the plot, the characters, how good/awful my English or writing style as a whole is...
Every kind of review is welcome, especially concrit. I like to enhance myself, this is only possible if people tell me where I'm wrong or where I could do something better/ in a better way.

The plot synopsis follows under the cut:

Synopsis: Alice has been to China for many years, when Lord Ascot falls victim to the opium, she is forced to come back earlier with him, to make sure he will return to his home safely.
Yet at home Alice is haunted by the memories of Wonderland, however she can't really remember it and questions her own sanity. When her sister organizes a lunch party she meets an awkward man her sister deemed as a suitor. She is right and wrong at the same time, through.
Alice realizes that a curse lies upon her friends and she has to return to Wonderland to help them. As she arrives there, an even bigger menace seems to lurk in the shadows. She has to join forces with the Hatter and the White Queens army to solve the danger that emanates from the Witch With Red Eyes.


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